Mike Tieu

CEO Founder and CEO of our parent company NCA, in Garland, Texas, is a serial entrepreneur with a solid record of success building and growing businesses ranging from professional human resources, engineering services to manufacturing. Although his businesses differ in the type of product or service in the markets they serve, Mike brings to each a consistent vision that includes; employee loyalty, a local community focus, and the discipline to take a long term view when making business decisions.

Minh Nguyen

COO Minh is a supply chain and sales executive, and co-founder of ACD.  A former Motorola Mobility supply chain executive with 21 years proven track record of driving multimillion dollar revenue and profit gains with extensive international experience.  He has also managed cross-functional and global teams to deliver high-risk parts (NUD) on time and within budget. Specialties include New Product Introduction (NPI), procurement, supply chain management, purchasing, six sigma manufacturing, international operations, business operations, process improvement.

Amy Tieu

CFO Amy graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1992 with a BA in Mathematics/Actuarial Science. After graduation, Amy started a career as an Actuarial Analyst at Coopers & Lybrand where she helped clients with healthcare valuations, pension benefits, and financial reporting. That led her to partner with Pro-Tech International Staffing Services in 1996 as a Financial Analyst. Amy joined ACD in 2015 as CFO.

Ronen Benayoun

Principal Firmware Engineer Over 30 years of hardware and firmware design experience.  Working with leading semiconductor manufacturers and assisting customers to bring many products to market successfully.   Worked with a variety of customers in the industrial, medical, and consumer sectors.

Gerald Coley

Advanced Technologist 18 years with Texas Instruments. Co-founder of as well as designer of the BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM, BeagleBone, and BeagleBone Black. Experienced in program and technical management, hardware design with schematic capture, PCB layout, manufacturing.

Miguel De Leon

Principal EE Over 25 years of hardware design experience in consumer electronics and commercial avionics.  Worked for a leading cell phone manufacturer providing expertise in imager, display, touch, and low power embedded systems to deliver millions of units to customers.

Lorraine Luciano

PCB/CAE Manager/PM Lo has over thirty years of experience in the PCB industry, leading multi-functional development teams and vendors.  Formally from Motorola, she was a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for flex, rigid flex, HDI/Core and ELIC PCB design. She led fabricators and SMT manufacturers to develop technology roadmaps, manufacturing standards, processes, and guidelines.

Neye Coker

Principal ME Founder and Owner of Yada (ידע) Group, LLC. Over 20 year experience as mechanical engineer, mechanical manager and project lead (of multifunctional team). Experience in DFM and architecture of cellular phones, stereos, speakers and remote controls. Greenbelt with Black belt training.

Sabrina Nottingham, MBA

Operations Officer The quintessential backbone and the “jack of all trades”. Sabrina does quoting, accounting, research, HR, payroll, and many more things.  She has always worked for smaller companies and wore many hats and is the person who does everything with a smile.


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